How Is Child Support Determined For High-Income Parents In California? Child support is an important financial aspect of divorce or separation cases involving children. In California, child support is typically calculated based on state guidelines that consider the income of both parents and the needs of the child. In relation to this, when high-income parents […]

Do Teenagers’ Preferences Matter in California Custody Cases? Divorce proceedings involving children can be emotionally draining, and one critical aspect that courts consider is child custody. In California, the best interests of the child are a paramount concern when determining custody arrangements. A significant factor that may come into play is the child’s preference, especially […]

Dating After Divorce: Tips And Considerations For Californians Dating after a divorce can be an exciting but sometimes challenging experience. If you are exploring the dating scene in California after ending a marriage, you should approach it with mindfulness and consideration. Here are some tips and considerations to help make your post-divorce dating journey in […]

Divorce Through The Eyes Of A Child: The Unseen Emotional Aftermath Parents Should Recognize While it’s vital to acknowledge the emotional turmoil faced by divorcing partners, an equally crucial and often overlooked aspect of divorce is the psychological effect it has on the most vulnerable members of the family: the children. Every year, roughly one […]

Breaking Free From A Narcissistic Partner: Your Roadmap To A Successful Divorce Divorcing a narcissist can be an uphill battle. Narcissistic personalities are often self-centered and lacking in empathy, making them challenging to negotiate with. According to research, narcissistic personality disorder affects approximately 5% of the US population, with higher rates among males and younger […]